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(Chestefield) Village News reports on STIR’s visit to supervisors meeting

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Chesterfield County’s Village News reports on the recent visit by STIR’s Kim Sheeler, Bob Crum, and Mark Creery where they introduced the board to STIR and its activities.

The board approved a support resolution for STIR and appointed Marleen Durfee, Matoaca District Supervisor as a STIR advisor.

From the report,

Most people drive to work alone and that is because for most people the commute is so easy. Traffic is light and there is a well designed road system, but according to STIR, that is not sustainable. So the group is looking at some alternatives. They are looking at a multi-model system, not just a single solution. This solution includes higher efficiency vehicles like hybrids, alternate fuel vehicles such as electric, hydrogen cell and natural gas. But that is not enough Creery says, there has to be public transit and ride share.

University of Richmond introduces three new transportation services

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Richmond BizSense reports that UofR recently announced three new transportation services aimed at encouraging public transportation and ride/vehicle sharing.

A commuter bus, two Zipcars and a ride-sharing program all arrived at the University of Richmond this week.

The school introduced the three new transportation services Monday to connect students and faculty with the community and help them get to jobs, community service projects and social events.

The services “will provide opportunities for students to use mass transit and share rides,” said Brian Eckert, director of media and public relations.

UR has about 3,000 on-campus undergraduate students. About 1,000 don’t have cars, Eckert said.

He added that commuting can be a challenge for students who don’t have their own ride. And for students with cars, getting in and out of downtown has become a problem.

“This will provide a more environmental way of getting around and an alternative for commuter students,” Eckert said. There are about 500 commuter students.

The school already had the Spider Shuttle, the GRTC Connector and a safety shuttle, but it wasn’t enough to support students’ needs, Eckert said.

UofR students can visit the college’s Internet transportation center for more information.

iPhone app for Zipcars

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Zipcars, the car sharing service gainly popularity in many cities across the country, has added an  iPhone app that allows its membership to find available cars via GPS location, make reservations, and unlock the cars doors. iphone

RTD reports on Va Tech car share program

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Peter Bacqué of the Richmond Times Dispatch reports on the new U Car Share program provided by U Haul at the Virginia Tech campus.

Car sharing is a great way to reduce traffic congestion, make optimal use of limited parking, and reduce overall energy consumption. UCarShare