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Solving the Chicken and the Egg Problem

Friday, August 14th, 2009

From the Rocky Mountain Institute, a non-profit initiative called Project Get Ready is “preparing cities for the introduction of plug-in hybrid vehicles” [via].

Its goal is to bring “all the various players to the table: city planners, local coalitions, nonprofits and [...] big utilities,” to ” make sure there’s enough charging stations, easy-to-get permits, consumer education and fleet buy-in.”

From the CNet article:

As well, it’s important to address the chicken-and-egg problem: If consumers don’t feel they have places to plug in their new electric cars, they won’t buy them. And if people won’t buy them, car makers won’t make them.

It sounds like STIR has goals in common with similar initiatives in other cities — maybe we need to look further into collaboration? This blog and site are a good start, but they’re still just a start…