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Become a STIR Ambassador

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Click here to join the STIR Cause.

Help Our Region Create a More Sustainable Transportation System.

We need your support. If you agree that our region should move towards a more sustainable and balanced transportation system, join our cause by becoming a founding STIR Ambassador. Our goal is to sign up 10,000 community leaders who will help STIR in three simple, but important ways:

1. Show Support - Put your name on STIR’s growing list of supporters. Help us demonstrate to our local policy makers and potential national partners that our community wants and supports a transportation system that provides an array of cost-effective, sustainable transportation choices, all designed to move people in a manner that maintains our unprecedented access and mobility and minimizes the impact travel has on our environment.

2. Stay Informed – Subscribe to STIR’s online newsletter. Stay on top of what STIR and other local groups are doing to advance a more sustainable transportation system for our region. Follow our region’s progress towards becoming a top ten pilot city for electric vehicle rollout and other sustainable transportation initiatives.

3. Spread the Word – Tell others about the importance of a sustainable transportation system & STIR. When appropriate, share STIR’s cause with your co-workers, friends and neighbors. Let people know how our region is expected to grow and why it’s important to move towards an innovative, balanced and sustainable transportation system that moves people in a greener way. Then direct them to our web site to learn more.